«British Bulldog» 2021-2022 для 3-4 класса: ответы

В среду 15 декабря 2021 года состоится XV международный игровой конкурс по английскому языку «British Bulldog» 2021-2022.

Подготовлено пять вариантов заданий: 2, 3–4, 5–6, 7–8 и 9–11 классы. Вариант заданий для участников из 2-х и 3–4-х классов состоит из 30 вопросов, для участников других возрастных групп из 45. На каждый вопрос нужно выбрать один из четырех вариантов ответов. Время на выполнение заданий – 45 минут.

Предлагаем вашему вниманию вопросы и ответы на конкурс «Британский бульдог» 2021-2022 для учеников 3 и 4 классов.

Ответы на конкурс «Британский бульдог» 2021-2022 для учеников 3-4 классов

Listen to the text and answer the questions

1) What class are the pupils in? In the …

  • A) 4th
  • B) 5th
  • C) 6th
  • D) 7th

Ответ: C

2) Which city are the children from? They are from …

  • A) London
  • B) Oxford
  • C) Manchester
  • D) a small village

Ответ: C

3) When was the baby tiger born? … ago.

  • A) A week
  • B) Two weeks
  • C) Three weeks
  • D) Four weeks

Ответ: C

4) What does the baby tiger enjoy eating?

  • A) Meat
  • B) Fruits
  • C) Vegetable
  • D) Ice cream

Ответ: D

5) Why must the children be quiet? The baby tiger might be …

  • A) eating
  • B) sleeping
  • C) playing
  • D) jumping

Ответ: B

Read the text and answer the questions

I come home before midnight because the journey from the Television Centre to my home in north London takes six minutes. My family are all asleep when I get in, but I usually make a drink of hot milk and read a book for about an hour. I always get up to have breakfast with my three children before they catch the school bus. Then I take the newspapers and go back to bed for a short time. Later on, I go for a swim. I sometimes go running. I have done the London Marathon twice. That’s a race of over 40 kilometres. I finished each time, but I wasn’t among the first! I start work after lunch at two o’clock, when I go to my office.

6) When does the man come home?

  • A) At midnight
  • B) Before 12 o’clock a.m.
  • C) At dawn
  • D) At 12 o’clock p.m.

Ответ: B

7) Where does the man work? At the …

  • A) airport
  • B) theatre
  • C) TV Centre
  • D) stadium

Ответ: C

8) What does the man do before going to bed? He …

  • A) watches TV
  • B) plays games
  • C) surfs the net
  • D) reads and drinks milk

Ответ: D

9) How do the children get to school?

  • A) By car
  • B) By tram
  • C) By bus
  • D) By bike

Ответ: C

10) What does the man do before his work? He …

  • A) dances
  • B) swims
  • C) jumps
  • D) sings

Ответ: B

Fill in the correct word

11) She never … coffee in the morning

  • A) drink
  • B) drinks
  • C) isn’t during
  • D) doesn’t drink

Ответ: B

12) I like the gym but I don’t like running

  • A) go to
  • B) went to
  • C) going to
  • D) to going to

Ответ: C

13) The girl … some new clothes tomorrow.

  • A) buy
  • B) buys
  • C) bought
  • D) is going to buy

Ответ: D

14) They haven’t got … money.

  • A) no
  • B) any
  • C) few
  • D) many

Ответ: B

15) I always listen music when I eat.

  • A) to
  • B) at
  • C) with
  • D) no preposition

Ответ: A

Which holiday is it the symbol of?

16) Jack-o’-Lantern

  • A) Halloween
  • B) Guy Fawkes Night
  • C) Pancake Day
  • D) Easter

Ответ: A

17) A green shamrock

  • A) St Patrick’s Day
  • B) Independence Day
  • C) Valentine’s Day
  • D) Easter

Ответ: A

18) Fireworks and bonfires

  • A) Guy Fawkes Night
  • B) Shrovetide
  • C) Boxing Day
  • D) April Fool’s Day

Ответ: A

19) Mistletoe

  • A) Boxing Day
  • B) Christmas
  • C) Hogmanay
  • D) Presidents’ Day

Ответ: B

20) A bunny

  • A) St George’s Day
  • B) Presidents’ Day
  • C) April Fool’s Day
  • D) Easter

Ответ: D

Look at the pictures and find the correct professions

21) He helps people get well and recover from their sickness.

  • A) A policeman
  • B) A chef
  • C) A doctor
  • D) A farmer

Ответ: C

22) He creates paintings.

  • A) A policeman
  • B) A farmer
  • C) A chef
  • D) A painter

Ответ: D

23) He grows fruits and vegetables and takes care of domestic animals.

  • A) A farmer
  • B) A doctor
  • C) A chef
  • D) A policeman

Ответ: A

24) He prepares food in a restaurant.

  • A) A painter
  • B) A chef
  • C) A farmer
  • D) A doctor

Ответ: B

25) His job is to prevent crime, keep order and see that laws are obeyed.

  • A) A doctor
  • B) A policeman
  • C) A farmer
  • D) A painter

Ответ: B

Look at the picture and answer the questions

26) What is the girl doing? She is …

  • A) playing
  • B) singing
  • C) lying in bed
  • D) dancing

Ответ: C

27) Where are the tennis rackets?

  • A) Under the bed
  • B) Near the window
  • C) in the box
  • D) In another room

Ответ: C

28) What does the girl like to do?

  • A) Read
  • B) Play computer games
  • C) Dance
  • D) Draw pictures

Ответ: D

29) Where is the clock?

  • A) On the wall
  • B) On the bed
  • C) On the floor
  • D) In the box

Ответ: A

30) What’s the time? It’s….

  • A) 10 o’clock
  • B) 5 minutes, past 10
  • C) half past ten
  • D) 5 minutes to 10

Ответ: B

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